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  • Our foreign employee's passport has expired. Can we apply for a residence or work permit?
    No, foreign workers must have at least 1 year validity left on their passports to obtain a 1-year permit.
  • After receiving a reference code from the Turkish Representation, how many days do they have to apply to the Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Services?
    They must apply within 10 days; otherwise, they will need to obtain a reference code again.
  • Are work permit applications for domestic workers different from regular work permit applications?
    Yes, the necessary documents list and application type are different from regular work permit applications.
  • What should a foreign employee do after their work permit is approved?
    They must extend their visa at the Turkish Representation in their country. They can only enter Turkey and start working with this extended visa.
  • Our permit has been approved. Should I make SGK registration immediately?
    SGK registration can be made within 30 days from the start date of the permit.
  • Are there any professional restrictions in work permit applications?
    Yes, dentists, pharmacists, directors in private hospitals, lawyers, notaries, private security guards, professions related to the sea such as fishing, diving, pilotage, captaincy, deckhand, customs consultancy, tourist guiding, caregivers, and veterinarians cannot apply for work permits in Turkey.
  • We do not have 5 Turkish employees, so we cannot employ a foreign employee in a critical position for our company. What can I do?
    Through our payroll services, we can employ a foreign worker in a company that meets these criteria without needing to comply with the criteria as a company.
  • What steps should a foreigner take who will apply for a work permit for the first time?
    If they do not have a valid residence permit, they must visit the Turkish Representative in their country, submit the necessary documents, and obtain a reference code.
  • What support do you provide for sending our employees from Turkey to work in other countries?
    We act as a bridge for sending employees to almost 100 countries independently from the country and can support our clients with our expert teams in the legislation of the countries they will work in just as in Turkey. In addition to services such as work and residence permits, visas, patent, and citizenship application procedures, we offer any services that you may need in the relevant country through our local solution partners. Your biggest advantage is that expert companies that take care of you both in the relevant country and in Turkey can meet all the needs of your employees without leaving any gaps behind.
  • How should a foreign employee with a residence permit apply for a work permit?
    An employee with a valid residence permit does not need to start the application process from the Turkish Representation in their country. All procedures can be conducted in Turkey.
  • Our senior foreign manager wants to bring his vehicle from abroad to Turkey, what should we do?
    Foreign nationals can either permanently import their vehicles through customs or temporarily bring them to Turkey for 2 years. We can assist with customs and transportation, including the entire process from sharing vehicle registration and information with us.
  • Is the SGK premium paid for domestic workers standard?
    No, there are incentives for SGK premium payments for domestic workers, so the amount is lower than normal.
  • What are the criteria for hiring foreign employees?
    There is a requirement to hire 1 foreign employee for every 5 Turkish employees. Additionally, the company must have a paid-in capital of 100,000 TL, or an annual gross sales revenue of 800,000 TL, or an annual export of USD 250,000.
  • Under what conditions can our foreign manager temporarily bring his car to Turkey?
    Two basic conditions must be met: the vehicle's registration and plates must be in their name, and they must have lived outside Turkey for more than 6 months within the last 1 year from the date they bring the car.

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