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As Li & Fung, we would like to thank you so much due to your interest and hard work during the home finding process for an Expat employee working in our company. This home finding process ended up with the anticipated result thanks to your results-oriented behaviour and provision of various alternatives at desired locations. We will be happy to recommend you and your company as one of our partners to our acquaintances. (translated from Turkish testimonial)


I highly recommend Relocalist, and Hakan Maltepe, the company’s founder and principal, to all UK businesses seeking to move to, or trade in, Istanbul and Turkey. Whether your business is in manufacturing or provides services, Relocalist will make your exporting effort so much easier and more rewarding. Relocalist can help you if: you need permanent or temporary accommodation; or you want to set up a bank account or insurance; or find a flat, a hotel, or a restaurant. With their excellent network of contacts, they can make introductions, and facilitate your business life in Turkey. My company trains Turkish corporates (individually and in groups) to use the best English for business and Relocalist has given me invaluable services. Relocalist has helped me set up a bank account in Istanbul as well as finding me a hotel and recommending restaurants, among other things. From my own first-hand experience I have found the services provided by Hakan Maltepe and Relocalist to be totally trustworthy. So, contact Hakan Maltepe at Relocalist without delay.



We have resolved a problem, that no other company was willing to intervene, with Relocalist in a short time. We had some concerns in the initial stage but he successfully accomplished the task within the pre-specified time interval. We completed the residence permit approval transaction, that is expected to be gathered in 3 months, shorter than 1 month and received our Residence Card. We thank to Mr. Hakan Maltepe and his team due to his prompt and trustworthy business approach. (translated from Turkish testimonial)


I came to Turkey because I decided to settle down here. I was looking for a company which would be able to help me with my idea. I needed a work permission and to get it we need to manage a lot of documents.

Hakan’s company helped me to handle this everything. He is so patient and knows well how to manage everything in that case. I even could count on him during my time abroad. I am aware that without him İ could not start my career here and go forward with my plans.

I highly recommend Hakan Maltepe and Relocalist! You will not be disappointed! His rich experience is also the best recommendation.



I can recommend Relocalist and Hakan Maltepe to all of my colleagues with inner peace. He accomplished one of our foreign staff’s required work permit transaction very smoothly, patiently and with utmost care in a short period of time. In our first cooperation, he succeeded in making us look forward to other businesses positively and sustainably. Big thanks to Mr. Hakan in the first place and his team. (translated from Turkish testimonial)


We had a difficult path with our expat’s residence and work permit. However thanks to our collaboration with Relocalist we solved these issues very fast and without difficulties. Hakan quickly and honestly answered questions and solved our problems. We thank him for that. Anybody who needs assistance regarding these matters should not decide before they meet Hakan. (translated for Turkish testimonial)



40 engineers in Istanbul are doing the placement work in Vanderland​



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