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About Us

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Relocalist Relocalist fills the gap in the relocation business with a professional and ethical customer service approach.

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Our Areas Of Expertise


Relocalist has great expertise and experience in finding the right accommodation to suit your tastes and needs, when you come to Istanbul. We have bilateral agreements with well-known real estate consultancy companies which have vast portfolios in the city. In addition, Relocalist can also act as a real estate consultancy company, for it has strong connections with many of the landlords owning flats, including those in areas where Expats mostly live. Furthermore, we can recommend you some property to buy and sell for investment purposes.


Residence and Work Permits are crucial for every non-Turkish person who intends to work in Turkey. The government always launches a new law and even companies which are specialized in Residence and Work Permits consultancy get lost among provisions because they are cancelled and amended frequently. On the other hand, the process has changed this year together with the state departments that are involved in granting the approvals for applications.


Relocalist also provides services in any area of customer needs and preliminary information. Those services cover areas like Moving, Storage, Furniture Supply, Insurance, Security, School Search, Cultural Orientation, Bank Account Opening, Turkish Driving Licence, Concierge Services, Pet Relocation and Veterinary Services.

Company Profile


To minimize any problems in relation to cultural, commercial, political and sociological differences between your country of origin and Turkey. Relocalist does this by providing professional relocation services to foreign residents in coordination with our strategic partners. We aim to achieve and sustain maximum satisfaction of our customers in their daily and business/corporate lives.


To specialize in serving people and companies from all the overseas countries operating in Turkey. Equally we provide quality service to every foreign employee who works in Turkish companies.

Management Profile

Hakan Mehmet Maltepe – the sole partner of Relocalist, worked at HSBC Trade Department for 6 years as a Business Development Manager. Seeing a gap in the relocation market, he left the bank to set up Relocalist in July 2014 in Istanbul. Before starting his professional career at HSBC, Hakan graduated from German High School in Istanbul and continued his education at Koc University, getting his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. He also attended Bosphorus University International Trade Management Graduate Program with a thesis subject of “Factors Affecting Mobile Phone Repurchase Behavior of American and Turkish University Students” which was completed in 2009./span>

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